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Realtime Walkthrough Controls

During a realtime walkthrough, the following controls are used to adjust your viewpoint and move around your landscape:




Toggle help menu on/off.


Take a screen shot.


Edit viewpoints.


Exit realtime walkthrough and return to design mode.

Up arrow or W

Move forward. (You can also hold the right mouse button)

Down arrow or S

Move backward

Left arrow or A

Turn left. (Note: Hold Shift to move instead of turn.)

Right arrow or D

Turn right. (Note: Hold Shift to move instead of turn.)

+ (plus)

Increase altitude.

- (minus)

Decrease altitude.

Move mouse

Move viewpoint (look around)


Throw fish food.


Important: These controls are different from the ones you use when designing your landscape. The Realtime Walkthrough controls are used to walk around and explore your landscape in 3D, while the top-down and perspective view controls are used for creating and editing.

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