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Realtime Landscaping Pro

Welcome to Realtime Landscaping Pro, the ideal tool for designing your landscapes in 3D. This software helps you design your landscape in a virtual world consisting of your house and surrounding property. This powerful design technique allows you to see your design from multiple perspectives.

Realtime Landscaping Pro includes a large suite of tools for designing landscapes, gardens, swimming pools, and more. It can help you answer questions such as:

      How many and which types of plants will best compliment my landscape?

      What type of deck should I build?

      How can I best incorporate water features based on the size, shape, and/or slope of my property?

      What will my landscape look like during different times of day?

At any point during your landscape design, you can walk through it in realtime 3D with realistic water, lighting, shadows, and wildlife such as birds, butterflies, and fish. You can even feed the fish!

Using Realtime Landscaping Pro, you can create movies of your landscape designs and burn them to CD or upload them to your website. You can also print your designs in full color to any printer supported by Windows. This is an excellent way to communicate your design ideas to friends and clients.

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