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Realtime Camera Properties




Realtime camera name. This can be anything you like and is only used to distinguish between multiple realtime cameras in the same landscape.


Check this option for a closed camera path, or uncheck for an open camera path.


Check this option to reverse the direction of the camera along the path.

Edit points

Click to edit the points that define the camera path.

Shape options

Click to save the current shape or load a new one.

Curve type

Click to set the curve type at the selected point. See Editing Points for details.


Camera's height off the ground at the selected point.


Camera's direction angle at the selected point.


Camera's up/down (pitch) angle at the selected point.

Hold time

Time the camera should wait at the selected point (in seconds).

Camera speed

Speed the camera should move from the selected point to the next (in feet/sec or meters/sec).


Note: To cause the camera to immediately "cut" from this point to the next, use the slider to adjust this property to its maximum value (40 ft/s or 12.2 m/s).

View from selected viewpoint

Camera's view from the selected point. This is what will appear during a realtime walkthrough or when a movie is created.

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