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Pool Accessory Properties




Model of the pool accessory to use. Click to select a different pool accessory.

Model options

Click to edit the pool accessory's materials.


Height of the pool accessory off the ground.  Use this to place the pool accessory on a raised deck or other elevated structure. (Note: You can also hold Ctrl while dragging to change the elevation.)


Width of the pool accessory.


Depth of the pool accessory.


Height of the pool accessory.

Rotate about X

Rotates the pool accessory about its X axis.

Rotate about Y

Rotates the pool accessory about its Y axis.

Rotate about Z

Rotates the pool accessory about its Z axis.

Scale evenly

Check this option to scale width, depth, and height evenly when one of those properties is adjusted. Uncheck this option if you want to scale in each direction independently.

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