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Pond Wizard

The Pond Wizard adds a pre-built pond to your landscape. Each pond added by the Wizard comes complete with a pond, fountain and/or waterfall, plants, and other objects.

To add a pond using the pond wizard:

1.   Select Tools > Pond wizard.

2.   Click Next.

3.   Click the picture of the pond to select a new one and click Next.

4.   Click Finish to add the pond to your landscape design.

The wizard will automatically switch to the top-down view and add your new pond to the center of the landscape. You can then use the move and/or rotate tools to adjust the position and rotation of your pond as desired.

The pond and associated objects will be grouped, making them easy to rotate and move as a whole. If you want to edit the individual objects you will need to ungroup them first. See Grouping and Ungrouping Objects for more information.

The following pond was added by this wizard:


      The wizard does not delete any existing ponds you may have. You can have as many ponds in your landscape design as desired.

      Use the Add Pond tool to build a new pond from scratch.

      Use the Landscape Wizard to add a house, pond, and fence all at once.

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