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Plant Row Properties

Plant Options and Plant Information




Number of plants to be added.


Calculated distance between each plant.


Check this option for a closed path, or uncheck for an open path.

Line style

Click to edit the line style of the path.

Edit points

Click to edit the points that define the path.

Shape options

Click to save the current shape or load a new one.

Current plant

Select which plant you want to edit. You can have up to 8 types of plants per Plant Row object.


Check this option to enable the selected plant. Only enabled plants will be added to the fill area.


Plant model or picture. Click to select a different plant.

Plant options

When a plant model is selected, click the options button to edit the plant's materials. When a plant picture is selected, click the options button to edit the color and brightness.


You will also have the option of editing the picture using the Realtime Picture Editor.

Ignore growth limits

Check this option if you want to make the plant larger than it normally would be. Uncheck this option to restrict the size of the plant based on its mature height.

Rotate to face viewer

When this option is checked, the picture will automatically rotate about its vertical axis in order to face the viewer. When this option is unchecked, the picture's rotation angle can be adjusted using the Rotate tool.


Use this option to set the plant picture's rotation angle. (This option is disabled when the Rotate to face viewer option is enabled.)


The plant's common name appears on the first line. The botanical name appears on the second line in italics.

Starting age

Starting age of the plant, in years. This is the age of the plant excluding any time added by the Plant Growth setting.

Plant growth

The current Plant Growth setting.

Current age

The current age of the plant, in years. This is the sum of the starting age and any time added by the current Plant Growth setting.

Mature age

This is the age at which the plant reaches its mature height.

Current height

The plant's current height.

Mature height

The plant's approximate mature height.

Planting zones

The hardiness zones where the plant is most likely to grow. Click Tools > Plant Hardiness Zones to display the zone maps.


Note: Hardiness zones do not apply to annuals. In this case, the planting zones will display "all".

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