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Plant Creation Wizard

Use the Plant Creation Wizard to create a custom plant using the currently selected plant. This makes it easy to use the existing plant library as a starting point for your own variations.

To create a custom plant:

1.   Add a plant that is similar in appearance to the desired plant. See Adding a Plant for instructions.

2.   Adjust the color and brightness of the plant if desired. See Editing Color and Brightness for details. Or, use the Realtime Picture Editor to make your changes.

3.   Set the plant's starting age. The new plant will use this size as the default.

4.   Ensure the plant is selected (or the Plant Creation Wizard option will not be available).

5.   Click Tools > Plant Creation Wizard.

6.   Click Next.

7.   Click Set File Name and set a file name for the new plant. Then click Next.
Tip: Use the plant's common name because this is the name that will appear in the Choose Artwork dialog.

8.   Enter the plant's botanical name, mature age, mature height, and planting zones.

9.   Click Next. Then click Finish to finish the wizard.

Your new plant will appear in the Custom category of the Choose Artwork browser, as shown below:


      To import a 3D model of a plant, use the Model Import Wizard.

      You can also create 3D plants using the Model Creation Wizard.

      Use the Picture Import Wizard to import a picture of a plant.

      See Editing Materials for more information on how to edit an object's materials.

      Custom plants are written to the following directory:

Windows XP: My Documents\Realtime Landscaping Pro 5\Custom Data\type\Custom\

Windows Vista: Documents\Realtime Landscaping Pro 5\Custom Data\type\Custom\

Where type is plant for 3D models, and plant_picture for pictures.

See also:

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