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Picture Properties




Image of the currently selected picture. Click to select another picture.

Picture options

Click to edit the picture's color and brightness. If the picture is one that you have imported, then you can also edit it using the Realtime Picture Editor.


Width of the picture in feet or meters.


Height of the picture in feet or meters. This option will be disabled when the Scale evenly option is enabled.


Height of picture off the ground.

Tilt angle

Tilt angle of the picture. 0 is straight up and down, 90 is flat, and so forth.

Scale evenly

When this option is checked, changes to the width also modify the height, and vice-versa. When this option is unchecked, the width and height can be modified independently.

Flip horizontal

Flips the picture in the left-right direction.

Flip vertical

Flips the picture in the up-down direction.

Rotate to face viewer

When this option is checked, the picture will automatically rotate about its vertical axis in order to face the viewer. When this option is unchecked, the picture's rotation angle can be adjusted using the Rotate tool.

Cast shadow during walkthrough

Enable this option if you want the picture to cast a shadow during a realtime walkthrough.

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