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Picture Import Wizard

The Picture Import Wizard can be used to import pictures of plants, animals, and other objects. The wizard can also be used to import materials such as brick, stone, and grass.

To get started, first take a picture of your object using a digital camera. Then transfer the picture to your computer using the software that came with your camera. Scanned pictures will work as well, as will pictures downloaded from the Internet.

Next, edit your picture using the Realtime Picture Editor (included), Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, or any other picture editing program. (You can also edit your picture after it has been imported using the Realtime Picture Editor.)

Then use the Picture Import Wizard and import your picture.

To import a picture:

1.   Select Tools > Picture Import Wizard.

2.   Click Next.

3.   Select the type of picture you want to import and click Next.

Tip: Select Region for general-purpose fill regions, such as grass or patio blocks.

4.   Navigate to the picture you want to import and click Open.

5.   The picture you have selected will be displayed. To select a different picture, click the picture and repeat the previous step. Then click Next.

6.   Enter the filename you want to use for your imported picture. Use a name that you will easily remember, since this name will be used when you later look for it. When importing a plant, use the common name of the plant. Then click Next.

7.   When importing a plant, you will be asked to enter additional information about the plant, including its botanical name, mature age/height, and planting zones. This information is optional. However, we recommend you at least enter the mature age and height so the software can determine how large the plant should appear in your landscape design.

8.   Click Next. Then click Finish to finish the wizard.

The wizard will copy your picture to the following directory:

Windows XP: \Documents and Settings\user\My Documents\Realtime Landscaping Pro 5\Custom Data\type\Custom\

Windows Vista: \Users\user\ Documents\Realtime Landscaping Pro 5\Custom Data\type\Custom\

Where user is your Windows user name, and type is the type of picture you are importing.

A new category, Custom, will appear in the Choose Artwork dialog after a picture has been imported.

The following is an example of an imported picture that has been placed in the landscape:


      The wizard will make a copy of your picture. If you change the original, you can re-import it using this wizard.

      Once you have imported your picture, you can edit it using the Realtime Picture Editor. For example, you can use the Realtime Picture Editor to remove the background of a plant. See Editing using the Realtime Picture Editor for more information.

      When importing materials, such as stone, brick, and patio blocks, your bitmap should be square and look good then tiled. For best results, materials should be either 256x256 or 512x512 pixels in size.

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