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Patio Stairs Properties




Material to use. Click to select a different material.

Material options

Click to edit options that affect the appearance of the material.

Material size

Size of the material. Adjust to make the material appear larger or smaller.

Material angle

Rotation angle of the material.

Max rise

Maximum tread rise. This is the vertical distance from one tread to another. (The actual rise will be calculated based on the tread run and total height.)

Tread run

Run (length) of each tread.


Height of the patio stairs off the ground. This is relative to the highest point on the patio stairs.

Auto-calculate total rise

Select this option to automatically extend the stairs to the ground or lower-level patio.

Total rise

Total tread rise, measured from the top of the first step to the bottom of the last step.


Check this option to create a closed shape.

Switch sides

Check this option to reverse which side of the shape the stairs are created.

Edit points

Click to edit the points that define the patio's outline.

Shape options

Click to save the current shape or load a new one.

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