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Page Setup

To edit the page settings:

1.   Click File > Page Setup.

2.   Change the settings as desired and click OK.


Use the Page Setup command to set up the print scale, drawing size, and lot size for your landscape design, as well as determine how the top-down view will appear on paper.

Important: These settings are only used by the Print Top-Down and Print Top-Down to File commands. Also, when using the Print Top-Down to File command, the output is always to a single file.

Print scale
Use this option to determine how your landscape design will be scaled during printing. For example, suppose you set this to 1" = 10'. When printing the top-down view with the Use print scale option enabled (described below), your landscape will be scaled so 10' in your design is output as 1" on paper.

Drawing size
The drawing size shows you how big your landscape is in terms of paper size. If the drawing size is larger than the size of a single sheet of paper, then Realtime Landscaping Pro can automatically print to multiple sheets of paper. In this case crop marks will be printed to show you where the pages join together.

Lot size
Use this option to set the size of your lot in terms of feet or meters. You can use one of the predefined lot sizes or set your own. Lot sizes up to 1500' x 1500' (457 x 457 m) are supported, which is over 50 acres. However, since larger lot sizes use more memory, you should use the smallest lot size that encompasses your landscape design.

Use the Portrait and Landscape options to select the orientation on paper.

Black and white
Use this option if you want to print in black and white.

Print crop marks
Crop marks are added automatically when the landscape design spans multiple sheets. You can turn these off if desired.

Print terrain
Use this option to determine if the terrain is printed when printing the top-down view.

Print the grid
Use this option if you want the grid to appear in the printout.

Use print scale
Select this option if you want to print using the print scale. The number of pages that will be required is shown in the diagram in the lower right of the dialog.

Print to one sheet
Use this option if you want your landscape design scaled to fit to one sheet of paper.

Fit to x by y sheets
Use this option if you want your landscape design scaled to fit the specified number of sheets of paper.

Print quality
Use this option to determine the output quality level. Low quality printouts are faster but not as realistic.

Print preview
This dialog shows you how many sheets of paper will be required based on your current settings.

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