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Realtime Landscaping Pro includes the following programs:

Realtime Landscaping Pro 3D landscape design software. Design your landscape in full 3D. Choose from thousands of plants and other objects, or import your own. SketchUp is now supported, so you can design your own custom models or download them from the Google 3D Model Warehouse at, which has thousands of 3D models to choose from.

Realtime Landscaping Photo 2D landscape design software. Design your landscape over a photo of your existing house and property. This program works entirely with photographs in two-dimensions. It's a fast and easy way to create before-and-after views of your proposed landscape design changes.

Realtime Picture Editor Picture editor software. A powerful, yet easy to use program for editing your pictures. This program is integrated into both Realtime Landscaping Pro and Realtime Landscaping Photo so you can quickly and easily make changes to pictures that you import. In addition, all of the plant pictures in Realtime Landscaping Pro and Realtime Landscaping Photo can be edited using this software, so you can change existing plants and even create your own custom varieties.

This document describes Realtime Landscaping Pro. Please see the help documentation that's included with Realtime Landscaping Photo and the Realtime Picture Editor for instructions on how to use those programs.

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