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Lathe Properties



Material picture

Material used for the lathe. Click to change.

Material options

Click to edit options that affect the appearance of the lathe material.

Material size

Size of the lathe material. Adjust the slider to make the material appear larger or smaller.

Material angle

Rotation angle of the material.

Material offset X

Position of the material along the X axis. Drag the slider to shift the material.

Material offset Y

Position of the material along the Y axis. Drag the slider to shift the material.

Lathe Elevation

Distance of the lathe from the ground.

Lathe Sides

The amount of sides used to create the cylinder. More sides will achieve a smoother result.

Lathe Sweep angle

The amount, in degrees, that the lathe is revolved. If the amount is set to 360 degrees, the lathe will be fully revolved.

Axis offset

Determines the distance between the outline to the lathe center. Increasing the offset would increase the radius of the lathe.


Determines whether the lathe has a closed outline or an open outline.

Add caps

Determines whether there are caps on the top and the bottom of the lathe.

Edit Points

Click to edit the points that define the lathe's outline.

Shape Options

Click to save the current shape or load a new one.


The number of triangles used to create the lathe.

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