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Landscape Wizard

The Landscape Wizard creates an initial landscape design in a few easy steps. Your landscape will consist of a house with attached deck, pond, and/or fence.

To use the landscape wizard:

1.   The wizard will delete your existing landscape, so be sure to save it if needed using File > Save.

2.   Select Tools > Landscape wizard.

3.   Click Next.

4.   Select the desired lot size. This will determine the dimensions of a fence which will be placed around your property. Then click Next. (See note below for more information.)

5.   Click the picture of the house and select the desired house style from the list. Then click Next.

6.   Click the picture of the pond and select the desired pond style from the list. If you don't want a pond, click the Do not add a pond checkbox. Then click Next.

7.   Click the picture of the fence and select the desired fence style from the list. If you don't want a fence, click the Do not add a fence checkbox. Then click Next.

8.   Using your mouse, click and drag the house and other icons to arrange them in the desired positions. Then click Next.

9.   Click Finish to build your landscape.

Next, you can customize your landscape with plants, water features, and other objects. You can also use the Realtime Walkthrough feature to experience your landscape with accurate lighting, shadows, working water, and other effects.

Note: The landscape wizard is pretty simple and assumes a rectangular building lot. The lot size you select just determines the size of a fence that will be added. Your actual lot can be any shape or size, up to 1500' x 1500' (450 x 450 meters). Once the wizard is finished, you can easily change the shape of the fence, or delete it altogether. You can also use the Lot Boundary object to set your exact property boundaries.

As a next step, we suggest you read the following sections to help you familiarize yourself with Realtime Landscaping Pro's many powerful features:

Adjusting the View
Adding Objects
Editing Objects
Editing Points
Adding a Lot Boundary

The following is a landscape created by this wizard after some basic landscaping has been added.


      The house and pond objects will be grouped, making them easy to rotate and move. If you want to edit the individual objects you will need to ungroup them first. See Grouping and Ungrouping Objects for more information.

      Use the House Wizard to just add a house to your landscape.

      Use the Pond Wizard to just add a pond to your landscape.

      Use the Fence and Fence Gate tools to add a new fence. You can also add individual fence sections and gates using the Accessory tool.

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