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House Wizard

Using the house wizard, you can easily add a pre-built house to your landscape. These houses come complete with decks, doors, and windows.

To add a house using the house wizard:

1.   Select Tools > House wizard.

2.   Click Next.

3.   Click the picture of the house to select a different one and click Next.

4.   Click Finish to add the house to your landscape design.

The wizard will automatically switch to the top-down view and add the house to the center of the landscape. You can then use the move and/or rotate tools to adjust the position and rotation of the house as desired.

The house and associated objects will be grouped, making them easy to rotate and move. If you want to edit the individual objects you will need to ungroup them first. See Grouping and Ungrouping Objects for more information.

The following house was added using the House Wizard.


      The wizard does not delete any existing houses you may have. You can have more than one house in your landscape if desired.

      Use the Add House tool to build a new house from scratch.

      Use the Landscape Wizard to add a house, pond, and fence all at once.

      Use the Deck Wizard to add a pre-built deck.

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