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Grouping & Ungrouping Objects

When working with a large number of objects, it is often useful to group them into a single object to make them easier to select and move. For example, once you're happy with a group of plants, you might want to combine them into a group and focus on other areas of your landscape.

To group a set of objects:

1.   Select the objects you want to group.

2.   Right-click and select Group from the popup menu.

To ungroup a set of objects:

1.   Select the objects you want to ungroup.

2.   Right-click and select Ungroup from the popup menu.

The following example shows three objects before they are grouped.

Here are the same objects after using the Group command.


      Groups can be nested to any level. In other words, you can create a group that contains other groups.

      You cannot edit the properties of objects inside a group; you must ungroup them first.

      The house, pond, deck, and landscape wizards use groups to make it easier for you to place the objects they create.

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