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Fence Properties




Style of fence to use. Click to select another fence style.


Wood material to use. Click to select a different material.

Material options

Click to edit the fence material's color and brightness.


Normally when a fence is built on top of uneven terrain, the fence is built to conform to the terrain. This option lets you select a stepped fence instead.

Note: This option has no affect when the fence is placed on flat terrain.

Shadow Box

Alternates boards on each side of the fence.

Switch sides

Switches which side the boards are added to.


Note: This option is disabled when Shadow Box is enabled.

Edit points

Click to edit the points that define the fence's outline.

Shape options

Click to save the current shape or load a new one.


Height of the entire fence off the ground.

Rail style

Type of rail style to use. Select Standard for a standard fence, or Ranch for a ranch-style fence (without vertical boards).

Post height

Height of the posts.

Post spacing

Maximum spacing between posts.

Rail offset

Vertical distance between rails.

Number of rails

Total number of rails in the fence.

Cap style

Type of cap style to use. Options are: None, Flat Top, Ball Top, and Pyramid.

Board style

Type of board style to use. Options are: Square, Round, Dog Ear, Gothic, French Gothic, Contemporary, and Mediterranean.

Board width

Width of the vertical boards.

Board height

Height of the vertical boards.

Board spacing

Spacing between each vertical board.

Board offset

Starting height of the boards.

Save style

Click to save the current properties as a new fence style.


Calculated length of the fence.

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