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Environment Settings

The environment settings determine the approximate time of day, as well as the amount of wildlife, wind, and sound effects during a realtime walkthrough.

To edit the environment settings:

1.   Click Settings > Environment Settings.

2.   Change the settings as desired and click OK.

Time of day
Select the desired time of day. During a realtime walkthrough, the sun position, shadows, clouds, and water reflections are all determined by this setting.

Amount of Wind
Select how hard you want the wind to blow. Set to None to disable wind.

Important: Wind is only available if your computer is equipped with a supported 3D video card. See Program Settings for more information.

Amount of Wildlife
Select how much wildlife birds, butterflies, and fish you want to appear. The exact number and variety are chosen randomly at the start of the realtime walkthrough.

Sound volume
Select the overall sound volume, or set to 0 to mute all sounds.

Ambient sound
When set to default, the ambient sound is chosen automatically based on time of day. You can override this by selecting a specific sound. Or, select None to turn off the ambient sound.

Click Play to listen to the currently selected ambient sound. Click Stop to stop playback.

Enable fire effects
Click to enable animated fire effects during a realtime walkthrough. This applies to torches, fire pits, fireplaces, and so forth.

Adding a Custom Ambient Sound

Favorite songs or sound clips can be added and played during the walkthrough as long as the sound is in 16-bit PCM format (the standard Windows format) and has the extension ".wav". Both mono and stereo sounds are supported. The sound will play at the start of the realtime walkthrough and automatically loop.

To add a custom ambient sound:

1.   Create the following directory, then copy your sound file(s) to it:

C:\Program Files\Realtime Landscaping Pro 5\data\sound\ambient\

Where C:\Program Files\Realtime Landscaping Pro 5\  is your installation directory.

2.   If Realtime Landscaping Pro is currently running, stop and restart it. (Be sure to save your work first if needed.)

3.   Your sound will now appear in the list of available ambient sounds.


      The wind, wildlife, and sound settings are only used during a realtime walkthrough.

      The wind feature requires a supported 3D video card.

      Depending on your 3D video card, disabling wind may improve the performance of your realtime walkthrough.

      When you set the time of day to sunrise, sunset, or evening, all lights in your landscape will automatically turn on during a realtime walkthrough.

      Environment settings are saved as part of your landscape file.

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