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Entering Angle and Distance

When adding points, press Enter to manually enter the distance and angle relative to the last point. The angle can be entered either as degrees or as a survey bearing. This is useful when adding a property line from a survey.

Entering Angles
Enter the angle using either degrees or a survey bearing. When using degrees, 0 is to the right, 90 is up, and so forth. Degrees are absolute and do not depend on the current angle of the compass.

Entering Survey Bearings
When entering survey bearings, however, the angle is relative to the current angle of the compass. Enter the bearing using the following format: Direction Degrees Minutes Seconds Direction. The minutes and seconds are optional. Here are some examples:



N 45 30 E

45.5 degrees

N 90 E

0 degrees

S 45 E

315 degrees

N 45 W

135 degrees

N 90 W

180 degrees

S 45 W

225 degrees


Enter the distance in feet or meters.

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