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Editing using the Realtime Picture Editor

You can use the Realtime Picture Editor to edit pictures of plants and pictures you have imported.

To make changes using the Realtime Picture Editor:

1.   Click the option button next to the picture. A drop-down menu will appear, as shown below.

2.   Click Edit using Picture Editor. The Realtime Picture Editor will then start.

3.   Make changes to your picture, and then save your changes using File > Save or File > Save As.

4.   Close the Realtime Picture Editor. The picture will be automatically imported into Realtime Landscaping Pro and the object(s) you were editing will be automatically updated.

Note: See the Realtime Picture Editor's help for detailed instructions on how to use the program.


      You can edit multiple objects at the same time, as long as the objects all use the same picture.

      Custom pictures must be saved to the directory that corresponds to the type of object you are editing. These are always a subdirectory of

Windows XP: \Documents and Settings\user\My Documents\Realtime Landscaping Pro 5\Custom Data\

Windows Vista: \Users\user\Documents\Realtime Landscaping Pro 5\Custom Data\

        For example, custom plant pictures are always saved to:

Windows XP: \Documents and Settings\user\My Documents\Realtime Landscaping Pro 5\Custom Data\plant_picture\Custom\

Windows Vista: \Users\user\Documents\Realtime Landscaping Pro 5\Custom Data\plant_picture\Custom\

      Where user is your Windows user name.

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