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Editing Properties for Multiple Objects

Realtime Landscaping Pro lets you edit multiple objects of the same type all at once. For example, suppose you have several places where you want to change the edging to a different (but identical) material. Instead of having to select and change each edging object individually, you can select all of them and make the change just once. This can save a lot of time when working with large landscape designs.

When you select multiple objects of the same type, any of the properties that are different will appear blank. For example:

In this example, both of the edging objects were selected by clicking on them (press and hold Shift while clicking to select multiple objects). They both have the same height, but their widths and materials are different. To change the material for both of them at the same time, click the blank Material preview window and select the desired material. Likewise, if you want them to both have the same width, then drag the width slider or type in the desired value. This has been done in the following example:


      All objects must be the same type in order for their properties can be edited at once. Only the selected objects are affected.

      Objects must be ungrouped before their properties can be edited, even if the objects are the same type.

      When editing multiple objects in this fashion, clicking Undo will undo changes to all of the affected objects at once. For example, suppose you have ten plants selected and you change their starting age all at once using the above procedure. Clicking Undo would restore the starting age in all ten plants. See Undoing & Redoing changes for more information.

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