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Editing Materials

You can customize your plants, accessories, and other 3D objects using the large variety of materials included with Realtime Landscaping Pro.

To customize an object's materials:

1.   Select the object.

2.   Click the options button to the right of the model and click Edit Materials.

The following dialog will appear:

3.   In the Materials column, select the material you want to change.

4.   Click the picture of the material to select a new one. Or, if you want to adjust the color and/or brightness of the current material, click the options button and click Edit Color and Brightness, as shown below:

5.   If you want to use a solid color, click Solid color. Then click the color swatch and select the desired color.

6.   Repeat the above steps as desired.

7.   Click OK.

Note: The above steps will only affect the currently selected object(s). If you want to use your customized model in other landscape designs, use the Model Creation Wizard.

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