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Deck Properties




Material to use. Click to select a different material.

Material options

Click to edit options that affect the appearance of the material.

Material size

Size of the material. Adjust to make the material appear larger or smaller.

Material angle

Rotation angle of the material. This angle affects all surfaces of the deck. (Use Board direction to just change the direction of the boards.)


Height of the deck off the ground. This is relative to the lowest point on the deck's outline.

Board direction

Direction of the boards on the deck surface.

Cap style

Style of cap to use on the deck posts.

Edit points

Click to edit the points that define the deck's outline.

Shape options

Click to save the current shape or load a new one.

Edit railing

Click to toggle railing on or off. When enabled, click the edge underneath the railing you want to change.

Rail size

Thickness of the railing.

Rail height

Height of the railing, measured from the deck surface to the top of the handrail.

Rail spacing

Space between each rail.

Frame height

Height of the skirting, measured from the top of the deck surface.

Add support frame

When this option is checked, the support frame will be built. Uncheck this option if you do not want the frame.

Hide deck boards

Hides deck boards to reveal the underlying framing.


Calculated area in square feet or meters.


Calculated perimeter in feet or meters.

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