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Beveling Corners

Use the Bevel Corners tool to bevel the corners of your shapes.

To bevel corners:

1.   Click Edit Points to enable point editing (if needed).

2.   Click the Bevel Corners tool or press B.

3.   Select the points at the corners you want to bevel, or select Edit > Select all to select all points.

4.   Click and drag up or down to bevel the corners at the selected points, or press Enter to enter the bevel distance manually.

Here's an example of a deck before and after one of the corners has been beveled.



      You can bevel multiple corners at the same time, even if the corresponding points belong to different objects (as long as the objects are the same type). To do this, select the objects, click Edit Points, select the points, and then use the Bevel Corners tool to bevel the selected corners.

      The Bevel Corners tool is a great way to add hexagonal and octagonal shapes to your landscape designs. To make a hexagon, create a triangle with three equal sides. Then use the Bevel Corners tool to create a hexagon. To create an octagon, create a square with four equal sides and use the Bevel tool to create an octagon.

      You can use the Save and Load shape commands to save and load complex shapes. That way you can create them once and then use them whenever they're needed in your landscape design. See Saving and Loading Shapes for details.

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