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Adding Pool Decking

Pool decking is similar to the Patio object, but has special support for swimming pools and coping. When a swimming pool is placed over pool decking, a hole will be automatically cut out to make room for the swimming pool.

To add pool decking:

1.   Click Add Pool Decking.

2.   Draw the pool decking's outline by clicking to add points. Press Backspace to remove the last point. Press Esc to cancel.

3.   Click the starting point to close the outline. Or, right-click to automatically join the last point to the first.

The following landscape design uses pool decking for the swimming pool, spa, and walkway.

Editing Coping

Pool decking comes with built-in support for coping. Coping is added to all of the decking by default, but can be turned off per-edge.

To turn the coping on or off per-edge:

1.   Click Edit coping to enter edit-coping mode.

2.   Click the edge(s) where you want to turn the coping on or off.

3.   When done, click Edit coping again to toggle it off and leave edit-coping mode.

Designing Multilevel Pool Decking

You can design multilevel pool decking using the height and elevation properties. Set the elevation property to the distance from the ground to the bottom of the pool decking. Set the height property to the desired thickness.

Three pool decking objects are used in the following landscape design: one for the base, another for the step and another for the seat.

Working with Uneven and Sloping Terrain

Pool decking can be added to sloping and uneven terrain. In this case, set the height property as needed so the top surface is higher than the highest point in the terrain.

In the following pool design, the pool decking has been set to an elevation of 2' (0.6 m). Notice how the swimming pool determines its elevation automatically based on the height of the pool decking.


      Adding pool decking is easiest in the top-down view.

      Be sure grid-snap is enabled, or it will be difficult to build your pool decking using exact dimensions. See Snap Settings for more information.

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