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Adding Patio Stairs

To add patio stairs:

1.   Click Add Patio Stairs.

2.   Draw the outline of the top of the stairs by clicking to add points. Press Backspace to remove the last point. Press Esc to cancel.

3.   Right-click at the last point when finished.

The shape of patio stairs is determined by the outline of the top step. Both straight and curved stairs are supported.

In the following example, the Patio object was used for the top, and the Patio Stairs object was used for the stairs. The stairs were created by drawing along the top of the patio.

Creating Complex Shapes

Using the closed option, the shape that defines the top step can be closed. This can be used to create circular, hexagonal, and other types of stairs. In the following example, the top is a circular Patio object. The stairs were created using the Patio Stairs object by drawing around the perimeter of the patio.


      Patio Stairs can be used independently of the Patio object. That is, you do not have to attach them to an existing patio. This makes them useful for adding stairs to a hillside and other custom applications.

      To ensure the shape of the stairs matches the shape of the patio, use the Save and Load shape commands. First, select the patio and save its shape using the Save Shape command. Then, add a patio stairs object using the Load Shape command. Finally, edit the stairs' points as needed to achieve the desired shape.

      For best results, set the elevation of the patio stairs to the height of the patio minus the step rise. This will make the rise (height) of the first step consistent with the rest.

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