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Adding a Waterfall

Realtime Landscaping Pro includes a set of pre-built waterfalls that you can add to your landscape designs. You can add waterfalls next to ponds or streams, and the water will flow realistically during a realtime walkthrough.

To add a waterfall:

1.   Click Add Waterfall.

2.   Select the desired waterfall by clicking the picture in the property window.

3.   Click to add the waterfall.

The landscape design shown below uses two waterfalls.

Adding Rocks

You can add rocks around your waterfalls for even more variety. During a realtime walkthrough, water will flow realistically over the rocks. If the rocks are too tall, however, then the water will be obstructed.

Designing Custom Waterfalls

You can design your own custom waterfalls using the Model Creation Wizard.

To design a custom waterfall:

1.   Add a waterfall as described above. Or, if you want to create a new waterfall from scratch, you can use the Flowing Water object. This is a special object that consists of an arrow that shows the direction the water will flow. During a realtime walkthrough, the arrow will disappear and water will flow in its place. You can size, rotate, and place this object as needed.

2.   Add additional rocks, change the waterfall's materials, and arrange the objects until your new waterfall looks the way you want it to.

3.   Select all of the objects used in your waterfall.

4.   Select Tools > Model Creation Wizard and follow the instructions to create a new waterfall.

The following landscape design uses a custom waterfall that was created using the Model Creation Wizard.


      Waterfalls are similar to fountains, except a waterfall's water always flows in a single direction, while a fountain always flows straight down. See Adding a Fountain for more information.

      See Adding a Pond for information on how to add a pond, and Adding a Stream for information on how to add a stream.

      To add landscaping rocks to your waterfall, see Adding a Rock.

      You can scale and rotate waterfalls for more variety. See Scaling Objects and Rotating Objects for more information.

      To add plants in and around your waterfall, see Adding a Plant.

      You can customize the materials in the waterfall. See Editing Materials for details.

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