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Adding a Sprinkler Line

Realtime Landscaping Pro includes several tools for designing irrigation systems. You can lay out as many sprinkler lines as desired and add sprinkler heads. When you create a project material list, the length of your sprinkler lines and number of heads will be included so you can accurately estimate the cost of your sprinkler system.

To add a sprinkler line:

1.   Click Add Sprinkler Line.

2.   Click to add each point.

3.   When finished, right-click to add the last point.

In the following landscape design, the blue line is a sprinkler line, and the circles represent the water coverage. The black dots at the center of the circles are the sprinkler heads. You can design your sprinkler systems in top-down or perspective view. See Adding a Sprinkler Head for a top-down view of the following design.


      Sprinkler lines can be straight or curved.

      Sprinkler lines do not appear during a realtime walkthrough. However, sprinkler heads do appear and can optionally spray water.

      We recommend that you place all of the objects associated your sprinkler system into a separate layer. Then you can turn it off when you're done working on it. See Using Layers for details. You can also use the View > Show/Hide command to selectively show and hide the sprinkler system objects.

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