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Adding a Sprinkler Head

Use this object to add sprinkler heads to your landscape design. When you create a project material list, the length of your sprinkler lines and number of heads will be included so you can accurately estimate the cost of your irrigation system.

To add a sprinkler head:

1.   Click Add Sprinkler Head.

2.   Click anywhere on the terrain to place the sprinkler head. To add multiple sprinkler heads, hold down CTRL while clicking.

Note: Sprinkler heads can be added anywhere you want, not just at the end of sprinkler lines.

In the following landscape design, the blue line is a sprinkler line, and the circles represent the water coverage. The black dots at the center of the circles are the sprinkler heads. You can also view your sprinkler design in perspective. See Adding a Sprinkler Line for a perspective view of the following design.

Notice how the water does not overlap the driveway. This is because the angle for the sprinkler heads adjacent to the driveway has been set to 180 degrees. You can set the radius, coverage angle, and rotation angle of each sprinkler head independently.


      We recommend that you place all of the objects associated your sprinkler system into a separate layer. Then you can turn it off when you're done working on it. See Using Layers for details. You can also use the View > Show/Hide command to selectively show and hide the sprinkler system objects.

      By default, sprinklers will spray water during a realtime walkthrough. To turn this off, uncheck the On during realtime walkthrough option.

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