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Adding a Slope

You can create simple or complex slopes, all using the same object. A simple slope is basically a ramp. The slope is added by defining the start point and direction. Next, the rise and run can be adjusted to determine the angle/grade. You can reposition or rotate the slope as needed to match your property.

To add a simple slope:

1.   Click Add Slope.

2.   Click to set the start point.

3.   As you move the cursor, an arrow will show you the direction of the slope. Click to set the direction.

Below is an example of a simple slope:

A complex slope is one that is curved rather than straight. You can insert and move points to get the shape you want, and adjust the rise and run at each point.

To make a complex slope:

1.   Create a simple slope as described above.

2.   Select the slope.

3.   Click Edit Points.

4.   To insert additional points, hold Ctrl while clicking on the base of the ramp. See Inserting & Deleting Points for more information.

5.   Select each point and change the point's rise and run as desired. You can also move each point as needed to obtain the desired curvature.

A complex slope is shown below.

A complex slope was used to create the hillside in the following landscape design.


      Slopes only modify the terrain within the limits of the workspace. However, you can position points outside of the workspace if needed to obtain the desired shape.

      When you are finished changing the slope, lock or hide it to prevent if from being accidentally selected as you work on other parts of your landscape design. See Show/hide objects and Using Layers for details.

      In some situations, you may need to control the order that terrain sculpting objects are applied. See Controlling the Terrain Sculpting Order for details.

      Slopes only support smooth spline curves. You cannot edit the curve type at each point like you can with most other shapes.

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