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Adding a Rock Border

A rock border is an excellent way to accent your landscape. It's basically a whole string of rocks that you can modify as a group. You can control the style of rocks to use, as well as the shape and curvature of the border. The number of rocks will be automatically determined based on the length of the border and the size you select for the rocks.

To add a rock border:

1.   Click Add Rock Border

2.   Draw the border's outline by clicking to add points. Press Backspace to remove the last point. Press Esc to cancel.

3.   For a closed outline, click the starting point when finished. Otherwise, right-click at the last point.

The following is an example of the rock border used in a landscape design.


      The Save and Load shape commands make it easy to add a rock border to a shape that already exists in your landscape design.

      Adding a rock border is easiest in the top-down view.

      You can also add rocks one by one. See Adding a Rock for more information.

      Adding too many rocks can increase memory usage and reduce performance. For areas that typically require a large quantity of rocks, such as regions, paths, ponds, and streams, the rocks are part of the object's material instead of separate objects. This helps to keep the rendering fast and makes the landscape easier to work with.

      When adding rock borders to driveways, patios, or other geometric shapes, make sure grid-snap is enabled, or it will be difficult to add your rock border using exact dimensions. See Snap Settings for more information.

      For more control over the shape of your rock border, you can add more points. See Inserting & Deleting Points for more information.

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