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Adding a Picture

A Picture object is flat rectangle with an image mapped onto it. It can be used for importing digital photographs of pets, statuary, lawn furniture, and so forth. A large number of pictures are included with Realtime Landscaping Pro, and you can import your own.

Important: The Picture object is used for adding generic pictures, such as animals and people. Pictures of plants are added using the Plant object.

Importing a Custom Picture

You can import pictures you have taken for use in your landscape designs. To do this, first import the picture using the Picture Import Wizard. Once it has been imported, you can use it in your landscape designs using the following steps.

To add a picture that has already been imported:

1.   Click Add Picture.

2.   Click the Picture property to select which picture you want to use. This will bring up a list of pictures. Select the desired picture and click OK.

3.   Position the cursor where you want to add the picture.

4.   Click to add the picture. If you want to add multiple copies of the same picture to your landscape design, hold Ctrl while clicking.


      Normally when you click to add a picture, the picture will be added and automatically selected for editing. If you want to immediately add another picture, hold Ctrl while clicking.

      If grid snap is enabled, it might be difficult to place the picture exactly where you want it. Press Ctrl+G to disable grid snap. See Snap Settings for more information.

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