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Adding an Area Grader

An Area Grader is a closed shape that flattens, and optionally raises or lowers, the terrain. Some uses include building pads, level patios, driveways, and tennis courts.

To add an Area Grader:

1.     Click Add Area Grader.

2.     Draw the object's outline by clicking to add points. Press Backspace to remove the last point. Press Esc to cancel.

3.     Click the starting point to close the outline. Or, right-click to automatically join the last point to the first.

The following is a landscape design before using an Area Grader.

Here's the above design after an Area Grader has been added.


      You can use as many area graders as needed.

      Area graders can be any size, up to the size of the workspace.

      You can rotate the area grader using the Rotate tool. See Rotating Objects for more information.

      To flatten paths, use the Path Grader object.

      In some situations, you may need to control the order that terrain sculpting objects are applied. See Controlling the Terrain Sculpting Order for details.

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