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Adding a Lot Boundary

Lot boundaries let you mark off areas for different landscape features, and tell you how big those areas are. For example, you could use one for your property line, another for the pond, another for the flower garden, and so forth. Lot boundaries are strictly for your convenience. They don't restrict you in any way they simply help you plan your landscape design.

To add a property line or other lot boundary:

1.   Select Add Lot Boundary.

2.   Click to add each point. Press Enter to enter the angle and distance manually. This is useful for entering survey bearings. See Entering Angle and Distance for details.

3.   Click the first point when finished to produce a closed shape. Or, right-click to add the last point of an open shape.

In the following landscape, a lot boundary is used to identify the area for a planned greenhouse. To the right, you can see the size of the area in square feet (or meters if you're using metric), the size in acres, and the perimeter.


      Adding a lot boundary is easiest in the top-down view.

      A lot boundary is similar to the 3D Dimension object.

      The default style is a dashed brown line, but you can change the line style if desired. For example, you could use blue for water features, green for garden areas, and so forth.

      Lot boundaries do not appear during a realtime walkthrough.

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