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Adding a Lathe

Lathes are an intuitive tool for creating round shapes of many kinds by creating a surface of revolution based on an outline. Lathes are very useful for creating objects such as round planters and wine glasses.

To add a Lathe:

1.   Click Add Lathe.

2.   Draw the lathe's outline by clicking to add points. Press Backspace to remove the last point. Press Esc to cancel. Press Enter to input the angle and distance manually.

3.   Click the starting point to close the outline. Or, right-click to complete the outline.

The following is an example of a lathe.


      After drawing your lathe outline, you can edit the outline by clicking Edit points.

      When editing a curved extrusion outline, it is recommended to use the Bezier curve types for better control and accuracy.

      If the lathe outline is not closed, then caps cannot be added.

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