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Adding a House Light

You can attach porch and garage lights to your house. When viewing your landscape at sunrise, sunset, or in the evening, Realtime Landscaping Pro will automatically turn on the lights during a realtime walkthrough.

To add a house light:

1.   Select Perspective view.

2.   Adjust the view until the wall where you want to add the light is visible.

3.   Click Add House Light.

4.   Position cursor over the wall where you want to add the light.

5.   Click to add the light.



      Lights will only come on during a realtime walkthrough when the time of day has been set to sunrise, sunset, or evening. See Environment Settings for more information.

      House lights are intended just for use on houses. See Adding a Landscape Light for details about general purpose landscaping lights that you can place anywhere.

      If grid snap is enabled, it might be difficult to place the light exactly where you want it. Press Ctrl+G to disable grid snap. See Snap Settings for more information.

      You can scale lights for more variety. See Scaling Objects and Rotating Objects for more information. (Note: Scaling a light does not change its brightness or area of influence.)

      To decrease the brightness of a light, change the wattage or select a darker shade of the light's color.

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