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Adding a Height Grid

A Height Grid gives you the ability to sculpt the terrain by raising and lowering individual points. Terrain is rarely perfectly flat, and making it slightly uneven can increase the realism of your landscape design.

To add a height grid:

1.   Select Add Height Grid.

2.   Click to place the top-left corner. Hold Shift to constrain to a square shape.

3.   Click to place the bottom-right corner.

To raise and lower points:

1.   Select the height grid.

2.   Click Edit Points to enable point editing.

3.   Select one or more points.

4.   Adjust the height using the Height property. Use positive numbers to raise the terrain, and negative numbers to lower it. You can also adjust the height by dragging the points up and down using the mouse.

Here's an example height grid:

The following landscape design uses the height grid shown above.


      You can use multiple height grids as desired. However, height grids are not designed to be placed adjacent to one another. When you need to affect a large area, use a single large height grid instead of multiple smaller ones.

      You can select and adjust multiple points at once.

      When adjusting heights using the Height property, all of the selected heights will be set to the specified value. However, when you adjust the heights using the mouse, the heights are adjusted relative to their current values. You can use whichever method is needed for the desired results.

      You can increase the number of grid points for more precise control over the terrain topology.

      The Height property slider is limited to +/- 25 feet, but you can manually enter values up to +/- 50 feet if needed.

      You can rotate the height grid using the Rotate tool. See Rotating Objects for more information.

      In some situations, you may need to control the order that terrain sculpting objects are applied. See Controlling the Terrain Sculpting Order for details.

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