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Adding a Door

To add a door:

1.   Select Perspective view.

2.   Adjust the view until the wall where you want to add the door is visible.

3.   Click Add Door.

4.   Click the picture of the door and select the type of door you want to add.

5.   Position the cursor over the wall where you want to add the door.

6.   Click to add the door.

To move an existing door:

1.   Click the door to select it.

2.   Drag to the desired position. You can move the door to a different wall of the same house, but not to a different house.

To adjust the elevation of an existing door:

1.   Click the door to select it.

2.   Hold down Ctrl while dragging the door up and down.

- OR -

3.   Set the Elevation property to the desired height.


      Use the Copy and Paste commands to duplicate an existing door.

      Normally when you click to add the door, the door will be added and automatically selected for editing. If you want to immediately add another door, hold Ctrl while clicking.

      If grid snap is enabled, it might be difficult to place the door exactly where you want it. Press Ctrl+G to disable grid snap. See Snap Settings for more information.

      Doors can only be added to existing houses, not other objects.

      On doors that have trim, the trim color will automatically match the color of the house trim.

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