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Adding a 3D Dimension

The 3D Dimension object helps you measure the distance between points. For example, you might want to mark off an area for a new deck that you're planning to build. They are useful for situations where you need the dimension to be visible in the top-down and perspective views.

To add a 3D Dimension:

1.   Select Add 3D Dimension.

2.   Click to add each point.

3.   When finished, right-click to add the last point.

In the following landscape design, two 3D dimension objects are used. The first shows the perimeter of the foundation for the greenhouse, and the second shows the distance from the greenhouse to the deck.

3D dimensions only appear when dimensions are enabled. To toggle dimensions on & off, select Edit > Dimensions.


      To quickly add dimensions around an existing object, use the Save and Load shape commands.

      Adding a 3D dimension is easiest in the top-down view.

      Dimensions are similar to Lot Boundaries. However, dimensions always display the distances, while lot boundaries only display their distances when they are selected and Edit points is enabled.

      3D dimensions are simply a design convenience and do not appear in a realtime walkthrough.

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