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Symbol Creation Wizard

Use the Symbol Creation Wizard to create 2D symbols out of one or more plan detail objects. You can then use these symbols in any of your landscape designs.

Symbols can include includes lines, shapes, text, labels, dimensions, and even other symbols. Realtime Landscaping Architect includes a wide variety of symbols that you can use as a starting point for your own custom designs. You can also create your own symbols from scratch.

To create a new symbol:

1.   Click Plan to switch to the plan view.

2.   Create the plan detail objects you want to include in the symbol. You can use any of the objects in the plan detail tab except for the plant legend and embedded object. See Adding Plan Detail for more information.

3.   Select all of the objects you want to include in the new symbol.

Important: Make sure you only select the objects listed above, or the Symbol Creation Wizard command will not be available.

4.   Click Tools > Symbol Creation Wizard.

5.   Click Next.

6.   Click Plant if you want to create a plant symbol, or Other to create any other type of symbol. Then click Next.

7.   Click Set File Name and set a file name for the new symbol. Then click Next.
Tip: Use a descriptive name because this is the name that will appear in the Choose Artwork dialog.

8.   Click Next. Then click Finish to finish the wizard.

Below is an example of some of the symbols you can use as a starting point for creating your own.

Using your New Symbol

When you create a non-plant symbol, the Add Symbol tool is automatically selected with the symbol you just created. Just click to add the new symbol to your landscape design, or press Esc if you do not want to add it yet.

When creating a plant symbol, however, the symbol does not appear automatically. You need to first create a new plant or select an existing one. When you change the plant's symbol, your new symbol will appear in the Custom category of the Choose Artwork browser. See Adding a Plant for details.


      Avoid using the color solid magenta (red=255, green=0, blue=255) since this color will be made transparent.

      Use the Break Symbol command to break a symbol into its individual objects. You can then edit the objects and create a new symbol using the wizard. See Adding a Symbol for details.

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