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Hedge Properties



Custom appearance in each view

Check this option if you want to give the object a custom material and line style in the plan view. Uncheck this option if you want the object to have the same appearance in both views.


The properties in this group determine the object's appearance in the plan view.


The properties in this group determine the object's appearance in the perspective and realtime walkthrough views.


Material the hedge is made out of. Click to select a different material.

Material options

Click to edit options that affect the appearance of the material.

Material size

Size of the material. Adjust to make the material appear larger or smaller.

Material angle

Rotation angle of the material.

Line style

Click to edit the plan line style.


Transparency of the material in the plan view.


Controls how round the hedge is. Use a smaller value for boxier hedges, and larger values for rounder hedges.

Leaf density

To make the hedge look more realistic, small leaves are added to the top and sides. Use a smaller number for fewer leaves, or a larger number for more leaves.


Note: Using a large number of leaves can reduce rendering performance.


Width of the hedge.

Edit points

Click to edit the points that define the hedge's outline.

Shape options

Click to save the current shape or load a new one.


When Edit point is disabled, this controls the height of the entire hedge. When Edit points is enabled, this controls the height of the hedge at the selected point(s).


Calculated length of the hedge in feet or meters.

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