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Dimension Properties



Arrow style

Type of arrow style to use.

Arrow size

Arrow size in feet or meters.

Line Style

Click to change the line style.

Edit points

Click to edit the points that define the dimension.


Text to display. Click to change the text. Use "<>" to display the dimension distance.


Text font. You can use any TrueType font installed on your computer.


Text alignment. Use to adjust where the text appears relative to the dimension line: inline, above, below, or horizontal (upright).


Adjusts the offset of the text relative to the center. Valid range is -100 to 100. Use 0 to center the text, -100 to move the text all the way to the left, 100 to move the text all the way to the right, and so forth.


Text height (in feet or meters)


Text color. Click to change the color.

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