3D Dimension Properties

3D Label Properties

3D Text Properties

Accessory Properties

Adding 3D Text

Adding a 3D Dimension

Adding a 3D Label

Adding a Box

Adding a Column

Adding a Curve

Adding a Cylinder

Adding a Deck

Adding a Dimension

Adding a Door

Adding a Fence

Adding a Fence Gate

Adding a Fountain

Adding a Hedge

Adding a Height Grid

Adding a Height Map

Adding a House

Adding a House Light

Adding a Jumping Jet

Adding a Label

Adding a Landscape Light

Adding a Lathe

Adding a Line

Adding a Lot Boundary

Adding a Part

Adding a Path

Adding a Path Grader

Adding a Patio

Adding a Picture

Adding a Pie Shape

Adding a Plant

Adding a Plant Fill

Adding a Plant Label

Adding a Plant Legend

Adding a Plant Row

Adding a Polygon

Adding a Pond

Adding a Pool Accessory

Adding a Pool Light

Adding a Pool Seat

Adding a Pool Wall

Adding a Ramp

Adding a Realtime Camera

Adding a Rectangle

Adding a Region

Adding a Retaining Wall

Adding a Rock

Adding a Rock Border

Adding a Rounded Rectangle

Adding a Slope

Adding a Sprinkler Head

Adding a Sprinkler Line

Adding a Stream

Adding a Swimming Pool

Adding a Symbol

Adding a Waterfall

Adding a Window

Adding an Accessory

Adding an Arc

Adding an Area Grader

Adding an Ellipse

Adding an Embedded Object

Adding an Extrusion

Adding an Overlay

Adding Deck Stairs

Adding Edging

Adding Objects

Adding Patio Stairs

Adding Plan Detail

Adding Pool Decking

Adding Pool Stairs

Adding Text

Adjusting the View

Adjusting the View Height

Advanced Object Properties

Aligning Objects

Archiving Files

Area Grader Properties

Beveling Corners

Box Properties

Changing the North Direction

Column Properties

Company Logo Settings

Controlling the Terrain Sculpting Order

Converting to a Custom Model

Creating a Movie

Creating a Project Material List

Creating Pictures for Realtime Landscaping Photo


Custom Model Properties

Cut, Copy, and Paste

Cylinder Properties

Deck Properties

Deck Stairs Properties

Deck Wizard

Default Properties

Deleting Objects

Dimension Properties

Door Properties

Edging Properties

Editing Color and Brightness

Editing Materials

Editing Objects

Editing Points

Editing Properties for Multiple Objects

Editing using the Realtime Picture Editor

Embedded Object Properties

Entering Angle and Distance

Environment Settings

Extrusion Properties

Feeding the Fish

Fence Gate Properties

Fence Properties

Fountain Properties

Gradient Options

Grouping and Ungrouping Objects

Hedge Properties

Height Grid Properties

Height Map Properties

House Light Properties

House Properties

House Wizard

Importing Realtime Landscaping Plus 3-5 Files

Importing Realtime Landscaping Pro 3-5 Files

Inserting and Deleting Points

Installing the Software

Introduction to Layers

Introduction to Modeling

Jumping Jet Properties

Label Properties

Landscape Wizard

Lathe Properties

Light Properties

Line Style

Lot Boundary Properties

Mirroring Objects

Model Creation Wizard

Model Import Wizard

Moving Objects

Moving Points

Offsetting Objects

Online Help

Orbiting the View

Overlay Properties


Page Setup

Panning the View

Part Properties

Path Grader Properties

Path Properties

Patio Properties

Patio Stairs Properties

Perspective View

Photo-Based Landscape Design

Picture Import Wizard

Picture Properties

Plan Shadows

Plan View

Plant Creation Wizard

Plant Fill Properties

Plant Label Properties

Plant Label Wizard

Plant Legend Properties

Plant Properties

Plant Row Properties

Plant Symbols

Pond Properties

Pond Wizard

Pool Accessory Properties

Pool Decking Properties

Pool Light Properties

Pool Seat Properties

Pool Stairs Properties

Pool Wall Properties

Printing a Screen Shot

Printing the Plan View

Printing the Plan View to a File

Printing the Viewport

Printing the Viewport to a File

Program Settings

Property Types

Quick Start

Ramp Properties

Realtime Camera Properties

Realtime Landscaping Architect

Realtime Walkthrough

Realtime Walkthrough Controls

Region Properties

Render to File Settings

Retaining Wall Properties

Rock Border Properties

Rock Properties

Rotating Objects

Rotating Points

Rounding Corners

Saving and Loading Shapes

Saving and Restoring Viewpoints

Scaling Objects

Scaling Points

Sculpting the Terrain

Searching for Plants

Selecting Objects

Selecting Points

Setting Object Properties

Setting Plant Growth

Setting the Field of View

Shape Properties

Showing and Hiding Objects

Slope Properties

Snap Settings

Sprinkler Head Properties

Sprinkler Line Properties

Starting a New Landscape using a Template

Stream Properties

Swimming Pool Properties

Swimming Pool Wizard

Symbol Creation Wizard

Symbol Properties

System Requirements

Taking a Screen Shot

Technical Support

Terrain Settings

Text Properties

Undoing and Redoing Changes

Using Automatic Dimensions

Using Booleans to Create Complex Shapes

Using Layers

Using Metric

Using Rulers

Using the Perspective Nav Wheel

Waterfall Properties

Welcome Menu

What's Included in the Software

Window Layout

Window Properties

Zooming into a Rectangle

Zooming into the Selection

Zooming the View