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Adding Plan Detail

A special category of objects, Plan Detail, is included for adding detail to the plan view. These can be used for installation instructions, designing irrigation systems, labeling plants, adding title blocks, and more. This detail can be added directly to the landscape design without requiring a separate CAD program. The following objects are included:








Rounded Rectangle







3D Label

Plant Label

Plant Legend

Embedded Object


The title block in the following landscape design was created using plan detail objects.

Plan Detail Rendering

Plan detail objects are strictly two dimensional and therefore do not render in the perspective or realtime walkthrough views.

Plan detail objects always render on top of the 3-dimensional landscape design. For example, plant labels always render on top of the plants, never underneath. However, you can control the order which overlapping plan detail objects are rendered relative to each other. For example, you can use this to ensure a symbol renders on top of a colored background.

To change the render order:

1.   Select the plan detail object you want to change.

2.   If you want the object to render on top of all other plan detail objects, right-click and select Render Order > Bring to Front. Or, if you want the object to render beneath all other plan detail objects, right-click and select Render Order > Send to Back. You can also use the Render Order > Bring Forward and Render Order > Send Backward commands to adjust the render order relative to nearby objects.

Note: You can change multiple objects with this command. For example, selecting multiple plan detail objects and using Render order > Bring to Front will cause the selected objects to render on top of the unselected ones.

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