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Adding a Plant Legend

Plant legends are easy to add with Realtime Landscaping Architect. All of the hard work of counting the plants, determining their names and symbols, and formatting the results is done for you.

Plant legends are automatically updated as you edit your landscape design. For example, when you add a new plant, the plant is automatically added to the plant legend.

Only plants that have been added using the Add Plant tool will appear in the plant legend. Also, the plant legend will show plants regardless of whether or not they are currently visible. For example, if you hide a layer containing plants, then the plants in that layer will continue to be displayed in the plant legend.

To add a plant legend to the plan view:

1.   Click Plan to switch to the plan view.

2.   Click Add Plant Legend.

3.   Click to add the plant legend.

4.   Change the size, position, and other options as desired.

A sample plant legend is shown below:

Preventing Plants from Appearing in the Plant Legend

You can prevent plants from appearing in the plant legend. For example, you might want the plant legend to show only new plants, not ones that are already present on your client's property.

To prevent plants from appearing in the plant legend:

1.   Select the plant(s) you do not want to appear in the plant legend.

2.   Right-click and select Advanced Object Properties.

3.   Uncheck the option Include in Project Material List and click OK.

Important: This will also prevent the plant from appearing in the project material list.


      This and other plan detail can only be added and edited in the plan view. See Adding Plan Detail for more information about plan detail objects.

      Use the Plant Label Wizard to automatically add labels to the plants in your landscape design.

      While this object is useful, the information it displays is created automatically and cannot be customized. If you need to create a plant legend that includes custom information, you can create it in some other software such as Microsoft Word or Excel and add it to your landscape design using the Add Embedded Object command. Of course, you will need to update the document manually whenever you change the plants.

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