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Undoing & Redoing Changes


A powerful undo system is integrated into Realtime Landscaping Pro, providing you with the freedom to experiment. Unlike many applications, the amount of times you can undo is unlimited, meaning that you can undo all the way back to when you last opened your landscape. If you undo a change that you decide you need, simply “redo” the change.

To undo the last change:

1.   Click Edit and Undo, or press Ctrl + Z on your keyboard.

2.   Repeat for each change you wish to undo.

To redo the last undone change:

1.   Click Edit and Redo, or press Ctrl + Shift + Z on your keyboard.

2.   Repeat for each change you wish to redo.

Note that you can only redo a change that has just been undone.


      If you click Edit, the Undo and Redo options will display a description of what is being undone or redone. In the example below, selecting Undo will undo a deletion, while selecting Redo will redo a selection that was just undone.

landscaping software undo redo dialog

      Undo and redo information is not saved to your landscaping file, meaning that if you save your landscape, close Realtime Landscaping Pro, and open your landscape again, you will no longer be able to undo previous changes. This means that it is a good practice to save your landscape often by clicking File and Save. You can also set Realtime Landscaping Pro to save your landscape designs automatically through the Program Settings.