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Terrain Settings

The Terrain Settings menu allows you to adjust the terrain material as well as the definition of the terrain on uneven topology.

To edit terrain settings:

1.   Click Settings and Terrain Settings.

2.   Modify the terrain settings as needed and then click the OK button.

The Material setting determines the type of material used for the terrain in the Perspective view. To change the terrain material, click the image that displays the current material.

Material Options
The Material Options setting is used to change the color and brightness of the terrain material, or to set the terrain as a solid color. To access the material options, click the small button that appears to the right of the material image.

Material size
The Material size setting determines how large the terrain material appears. To adjust the Material size of the material, move the Material size slider or enter a value in the text field.

Material angle
The Material angle setting determines the rotation angle of the terrain material. To adjust the angle of the terrain material, move the Material angle slider or enter a value in the text field.

Use overhead lighting
The Use overhead lighting setting determines whether the terrain is lit from above at all angles, or from the viewpoint. This setting is only used when designing -- it has has no effect on the terrain lighting during a realtime walkthrough.

Render detail texture
The Render detail texture setting is used to enable or disable a “level of detail” texture that dynamically replaces the default terrain texture at certain view distances. If you wish for the terrain texture to remain static at all viewing distances, then uncheck this option.

Soften region edge transitions
The Soften region edge transitions setting is used to enable or disable a much more gradual blending method for all regions and paths in the landscape design. When this option is enabled, the separation between any two regions will be less apparent.

Terrain resolution
The Terrain resolution setting determines the level of detail for terrain modifying objects, such as slopes. To change the topology detail, move the Terrain resolution slider or enter a value in the text field. For landscape designs with flat or slightly sloping terrain, use a Low terrain resolution. For landscapes with moderate topology changes, use a Medium terrain resolution. For designs with extensive topology changes, use a High terrain resolution. The terrain resolution can be changed at any time.

Page Setup
Click Page Setup to access a dialog for changing the lot size, print scale, and other settings. The Page Setup dialog can also be accessed by clicking File and Page Setup. For more information, see Page Setup.