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Setting the Time of Day

Use the Time of Day settings to determine the appearance of the sky, moon, and to set the time of day for Realtime Walkthroughs.

Sky type
Click the picture of the sky to choose a new one. In the Choose Artwork dialog that will appear, the picture in the bottom left will cycle between the daytime, sunrise, sunset, and evening variations.

Moon style
Select the style of moon you would like to see during a Realtime Walkthrough at night. To disable the moon, set the style to None.

Time of day
Select the desired time of day you would like to start with during a Realtime Walkthrough. Once the walkthrough begins, you can easily change the time, as well as the north direction and other settings. See Realtime Walkthrough Controls for details.

The following is an example of a landscape design during a Realtime Walkthrough with the time set to 9 am.