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Picture Import Wizard

The Picture Import Wizard is used to import photographs of plants, animals, and other objects. Photographs of materials such as grass, mulch, and brick can also be imported.

landscaping software picture import wizard dialog

To begin, first download a picture online or take a picture using a digital camera. If you use a digital camera, be sure to transfer the image from the camera to the computer before attempting to import the image. Scanned images can also be imported

If necessary, edit the image using the included Realtime Picture Editor application or any other photo editing program, such as Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, or GIMP.

Follow the steps below to import a picture into Realtime Landscaping Pro.

To import a picture:

1.   Click Tools and Picture Import Wizard.

2.   Click the Next button.

3.   Select the type of picture you would like to import and then click the Next button. Select Region for general purpose regions, such as brick, mulch, or grass.

4.   Select the picture you would like to import and then click the Open button.

5.   A preview of your picture will appear. Click the Next button.

6.   Click the Set File Name button to enter a different name for your picture, or just click the Next button. If you are importing a plant, the file name becomes the plant’s common name.

7.   If you are importing a plant, the screen pictured below will appear. Enter the desired information for your plant and then click the Next button. This information is optional, but it is recommended to accurately enter the Mature age and Mature height as they affect how the plant is sized when it is added to your landscape design.

landscaping software picture import wizard dialog2

8.   Click the Next button, and then click the Finish button to complete the wizard.

The wizard will copy your picture to the following directory:

\Users\user\Documents\Realtime Landscaping Architect version\Custom Data\type\Custom\

Where user is your Windows user name, version is the software version number, and type is the type of picture you are importing (such as Plant or Region).

The picture below shows a photograph of a dog that was imported and added to a landscape design.

landscaping design picture import wizard


      When you import a picture, a copy of the picture is made and stored in a separate location. This means that if you delete the original picture your designs will not be affected. It also means that if you make changes to the original picture you will need to run the Picture Import Wizard again.

      Once a picture has been imported, it can be edited using the Realtime Picture Editor. For example, the Picture Editor could be used to remove the background from a plant. For more information, see Editing using the Realtime Picture Editor.

      When importing materials, such as pavers, color washes, bricks, grass, or mulch, the picture should be square if possible. For best results, it is recommended to size your material images to 256x256 or 512x512 pixels.

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