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Advanced Object Properties

Additional options for each object are available within the Advanced Object Properties dialog. These options are not usually needed, but can provide important customizations in some situations.

To edit advanced object properties:

1.   Click the object you wish to modify. To select more than one object, then hold the Shift key while clicking on additional objects. The objects do not need to be of the same type.

2.   Click Edit and Advanced Object Properties.

3.   Select the desired options and press the OK button to accept your changes and close the dialog.

Include in Project Material List
Determines if the selected object will be included in the Project Material List of your current landscape design.

Render in Top-Down view
Determine if the selected object will appear in the Top-Down view.

Render in Perspective view
Determines if the selected object will appear in the Perspective view.

Cast shadows in Realtime Walkthrough
Determine if the selected object casts shadows during a Realtime Walkthrough.

Receive shadows in Realtime Walkthrough
Determines if the selected object can be shadowed by other nearby objects during a Realtime Walkthrough.

Note: Not all of the options shown above are supported by all objects. If an object does not support one or more options, then they will be disabled.